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Sheet Metal Bending
Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet Metal Bending

Benchmark makes continuous investments in its metalwork services, and its sheet metal bending capabilities are no exception.

Working from our vast production facilities, and combining in-house expertise with advanced machinery, we are fully equipped to undertake a wide range of projects, including high volume manufacturing runs with fast turnarounds.

From the performance of our Bystronic press brakes, capable of folding materials of various thicknesses up to 3 metres in length, to the efficiency of the Salvagnini S4+P4 LINE panel bender with its automatic punching, shearing and bending features, our advanced machinery can meet the requirements of any project.

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Sheet Metal Bending Technology

Benchmark invests in a wide range of machinery to deliver its sheet metal bending capabilities:

  • Salvagnini S4 + P4 Line
  • Salvagnini P2 x 2
  • Bystronic Xact Smart100
  • Bystronic Xpert 80
  • Promecam Press Brake x 4
  • Mebusa Press Brake

Sheet Metal Bending Technology