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CNC Punching
CNC Punching

CNC Punching

Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) punching is a key element of sheet metal fabrication at Benchmark, ensuring a high level of speed, accuracy and productivity.

At Benchmark, our programmers use the latest CAD/CAM software technology to operate the computer-controlled CNC punching machines and automate the layout of products and parts. Calculating the most efficient layout from the design maximises material usage and allows us to offer our customers fast turnarounds and competitively priced parts.

From simple shapes to more complex geometrical 3D designs, our renowned Nisshinbo HIQ punching machines can swiftly and effortlessly output a wide range of metal components with clean edges and exceptionally high accuracy. Furthermore, the speed and flexibility of this process enables us to handle both small batch runs as well as high-volume manufacturing to suit our customers’ exact needs.

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CNC Punching Technology

Advanced punching machines at Benchmark include:

  • Nisshinbo HIQ-1250 Punch
  • Nisshinbo HIQ-1000 Punch

In addition, Benchmark can deliver fast, accurate tube punching services with:

  • Kingsland Tubemaster Punch