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Disposable Visors – A Collaboration of Design & Manufacture

As communicated over the past few weeks, the team at Benchmark have been tapping into their existing resources and skillset to support industries in the best way possible, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The latest idea comes as a result of close collaboration between Benchmark and two partner companies: Orscol and Coveris (St. Neots). The three businesses put their heads - and capabilities - together to come up with a disposable visor that can provide an added layer of protection for a whole host of industries during these uncertain times. 

The design needed to take into consideration: quick turnaround times, capacity to handle high volumes, material availability, product non-reusability and, finally, product affordability. 

Using in-stock material for sandwich boxes, the visors create a barrier that prevents the wearer from touching their face, thus, providing an added layer of protection for their eyes, mouth and nose. The food-grade plastic also ensures the visor does not mist up during wear, which is ideal for workers across a range of sectors, including supermarkets, retail outlets, pharmacies and care homes, to name a few.

With a capacity to manufacture 30,000 units per hour, per machine, and the option for logo customisation, the competitively-priced product could have a significant impact on essential industries as they continue to operate in these challenging times.

The team at Benchmark will continue to work closely with partners to explore innovative ways in which design and manufacturing companies can leverage their resources and capabilities to support individuals, communities and industries across the UK.

For more information on the Disposable Visor product, please contact Sarah Harrap, our Business Development Director on: mobile 07880 200570 or email 

Posted: Q2 2020

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